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Loki: (What the Hel is Russian?)

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Dude, even Donald Trump declared bankruptcy. More than once. Give yourself a break, ok?

This is actually really helpful thank you

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As a random thought…


So in the comics Hawkeye has 80% hearing loss.

The Black Widow is Russian.

Can you imagine when they’re on a mission and something goes wrong; the police are about to arrest them and they fall back on Plan H.

Black Widow, “So remember, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English”

Successful 92.6% of the time.

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Just so ya’ll know I am currently negative money, have no way of fixing it until next week, and I feel like giving up on everything because I am apparently a major fuck-up and I’m sick of everything. So yeah, I’m tired of my life.

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Remember that time I dressed as Dean in gym shorts?

Remember that time I dressed as Dean in gym shorts?

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If you can say in one breath that you are pro-life but won’t feed starving immigrants and their children, please re-evaluate what it means to be “pro-life.”

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Clint: Y’know what, never mind. Here. 

Bobbi: Well there you go, Clint Barton. You’re now officially divorced. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Clint: Aww, really? That today?

Bobbi: That wasn’t me. The last time I saw you… I saw anyone, was before… that. Whatever you thought… whatever was said…

Clint: It was a skrull.

Bobbi: I came back to tell you it was over, Clint. I had filed divorce papers. I’m not your wife anymore.

Continuity is nearly always a slippery thing, never quite an exact science. For Clint and Bobbi’s marital status, things are made more complicated by the fact that twenty years after Bobbi’s death, her final moments were retconned into being those of her Skrull duplicate’s. McCann and López’s Reunion went a long way to iron out those kinks, reframing the last few issues of “Bobbi’s” life to fall in line with her abduction and subsequent return.

The biggest clarification made in the Reunion was this—Clint wasn’t a widower, as he’d thought for so many years. Bobbi had filed the papers before she was abducted, before she “died,” and therefore the two of them were legally divorced. Over the course of that series, this destabilizes a lot of what Clint knows about himself and his relationship to Bobbi, but it ultimately allows the two of them to start over with less complications.

Flash forward a few years to Fraction’s Hawkeye, and we have this scene—Clint and Bobbi, signing divorce papers. Does that contradict, then, what McCann had established a few years before? Not necessarily. I don’t have a hard time believing that “was though dead but had in fact been abducted by alien invaders” is a legal status that complicates paperwork. And Clint, who had no knowledge of Bobbi filing the earlier papers, would have had to officially sign the documents at some point.

Ultimately, though, I think this scene works as a grounding point. It reminds us of where Bobbi and Clint stand, digs in the pain of their crumbling relationship just a bit more. In the Reunion, we didn’t know what Bobbi and Clint were to one another—and neither did they. In Hawkeye & Mockingbird, they were an established couple, boyfriend and girlfriend. In Hawkeye, there’s no doubt about it—Bobbi’s the Ex. But that doesn’t preclude her from being a big part of Clint’s life. 

From Hawkeye Volume 4 #08 (Matt Fraction & David Aja) and New Avengers: The Reunion #02 (Jim McCann & David López)

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georgetakei: a fan favorite

Nerd humor is periodically funny.


georgetakei: a fan favorite

Nerd humor is periodically funny.

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i'm not an avenger. i'm nobody.

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i meant that the younger brother would be getting his brother's attention in order to tell him what he needs, like tugging on his older brother's arm or something. The both of them are orphans, though, and are just barely scraping by (they're pretty much social outcasts, and the world i concocted isn't quite medieval, but has the same type of social stratification. i'm still trying to mix fantasy into it too). thanks for the reply and the recommendation, by the way!

Oh! Yeah, he can tap his shoulder, wave, stomp his feet if they’re on wood floors, or tap on a table. If the older bro is hearing, the younger can use things in the environment to get his attention that make noise. If it’s the older brother to the younger, your options are a little more limited.

I’d like to read it whenever you have some done so if you’d like me to beta it I’m cool with that :-)

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hi, i messaged you before to ask about the general behaviour of deaf kids (and you were really helpful, thanks!), and i was kind of wondering something. my story is set in sort of a medieval universe, and the kid i'm writing lives alone with his older brother. would it makes sense for his signs to incorporate his brother on some level?

If it takes place in medieval times, unfortunately the deaf character would most likely be abandoned or shrugged off as simple (dumb) and not worth it. During that time it was generally believed that because the deaf could not hear/speak/read the Bible, they were unable to accept God’s grace and could therefor not be saved in the Christian sense. Others believed that because someone in their family sinned, the deafness was God’s curse.

There’s a wonderful young adult book set in medieval time period called “The Raging Quiet.” Highly recommend it, I think I read it three times.

I’m not sure what you mean by incorporating the brother on some level. Can you clarify that for me a little bit? I might be able to answer better :-)

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You guys have seen these, right?

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